Welcome to the Public Health Leadership (PHL) Interest Group!

Mark S. Lander, MS
Columbia and Hamilton County Health Departments
State of Florida Department of Health
Email:  mark.lander@flhealth.gov

This interest group’s purpose is to examine the current structure and sustainability of public health leadership that exists in Florida.  How do we recruit, train, mentor and retain leaders of health departments and other public health institutions?  Members will review current national best practices and see how they can be incorporated into the Florida model.

The group will have open discussions on the current state of leadership, including what we consider leadership roles: health officers, business managers, CEO’s, medical directors, etc. and how the lack of these positions affects our entire system.  Member engagement will be initiated by the common development of strategic priorities/goals that the group as a whole will own.

The PHL Interest Group will address factors affecting public health organizations such as:
-Turnover in public health leadership positions (including retirement)
-Weak or lack of organizational structures that support workforce development
-Strategic, technical and professional support, training opportunities

Each interest group is expected to have a chair and co-chair and a representative to the membership committee.

Each interest group is expected to contribute draft articles for the newsletter, social media posts, webinars on best practices, articles for newspapers, speakers to the AEC and/or the regional conferences.


Mark Lander 1/2/2018


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